17 Days

17 days. Yesterday marked the 17th day that Liam was home. Its the longest he’s ever been out of a hospital as the last time he came home we were rushed back to the ICU on the 16th day. We celebrated as a family by spending the whole day in our pajamas. It is truly a remarkable thing to not have to change out of our pajamas to see our son. My parents came over in their jammies in the afternoon and my sister paid attention to the dress code when she came over to watch the patriots kick ass/ do some laundry. We got a whole bunch of chinese food delivered and spent the afternoon and early evening taking turns holding the boy and reading to him and chatting about him. It was a wonderful celebration of his homecoming.

Our nurse arrived at 11:00pm and The Wife and I got to sleep in the bed at the same time last night. Also an occasion to be celebrated. A busy day tomorrow for sure with a pediatricians appointment followed by his evaluation for early intervention (physical therapy/ occupational therapy / speech pathology ). Hopefully all three of us will be able to squeeze in a nap in the afternoon. We’ll see.

* * * *

Alright, if you decide to come back and regularly read this blog you will eventually notice that I will link to a bunch of stuff that I find on Kottke.org. I can’t help it if the guy just continues to find the coolest stuff on the internet. Check out this amazing clip of a woman on Ukraine’s Got Talent depicting the German invasion of of the Ukraine during WWII using sand and a lightbox. Using her hands and a whole bunch of sand this woman had the whole audience crying in just a few minutes. Simply amazing.

Like I said busy day tomorrow so its off to bed, or actually – the couch, for a few hours before trading places with The Wife who gets the first shift in the bed. Night all.

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