In which pizza is made and eaten.

I did a lot of work around the couch today. I didn’t get much sleep (surprise) and had to get out of bed early so that The Wife could get to the doctor’s office early. Her suspicions were correct and she has pink eye. Conjunctivitis as a result of a blocked tear duct. Not a viral or bacterial form and so no worry of passing it along to The Boy but still a royal pain in the ass. Who doesn’t want to spend four hours in a walk-in clinic for a small tube of ointment. Anyway, I had some fun hanging out with Liam and we had a nice little morning of hanging out together. I read to him and he listened. He seems to like that. Well, he hasn’t told me to stop yet so I’m assuming he likes it.

In the evening we had my mother over for dinner and I used the pizza stone I got for my birthday. I got some fresh dough at the bakery and decided to go a bit non-traditional for the first pizzas. My father roasted a whole chicken for dinner last night and only used half and so I put the other half to good use. Pictured above is the Chicken Alfredo Pizza of Alfredo sauce, chicken, thinly sliced red onion and mozzarella cheese. For the second I made a BBQ Chicken Pizza with BBQ Sauce, onion, chicken and both cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese. Both were delicious and I’m looking forward to next time where I’ll try some more traditional pizza varieties.

I have really been enjoying reading aloud to Liam. I haven’t read aloud since my public speaking class in college and it truly shows me what makes a good flowing piece of dialogue or description. I am learning about style and voice through this and will be reading aloud more and more of my books since the subject matter doesn’t matter for Liam as long as I read in a soothing voice.

As I played around here on the laptop and listened to the rhythmic breaths of Liam’s ventilator Ricky GervaisGhost Town was playing on HBO in the background. I must say I found myself watching it rather than doing what I originally planned to do. Afraid it was just another romantic comedy ( and actually when you get down to it – it was just another romantic comedy really) I liked it. Gervais kills me in pretty much all that he does and I am looking forward to seeing his new one. Even if I do have to wait until it comes out on HBO. I also fell asleep watching Hamlet 2 last night which cracked me up. That one I highly recommend.

2am. Time for some of The Boy’s medicines and an attempt at a few hours of sleep. We’ll see.

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