Where nothing really happens.

Nothing remarkable to report today which I guess is a good thing. Liam is definitely on the mend and actually let us hold him today. He stopped being so cranky that he would freak out at a simple touch and went back to his old snuggly self. A slight cough still comes out every now and then and his secretions are a little more than usual but his coloring is back to normal and he is behaving more like himself. We had a nurse today so I got to get a couple extra hours of sleep this morning before taking off to my own doctors appointment and then when I got back The Wife had a chance to go out and do some birthday shopping. Yup, my birthday is tomorrow.

A bit of a scare last night. As I was suctioning Liam I cracked the circuit (or breathing tube) coming out of his ventilator. I was ambu bagging him (manually breathing for him using the ambu bag you may have seen this type of thing on ER or some other hospital drama) and was stuck. Can’t walk away to get help, can’t put a new circuit onto the vent and leak test it with one hand. Stuck. Was able to call Karin loud enough that I woke her up and she was able to help but what if that happened to her while I was at work? She would be stuck bagging him for hours. I am terrified that we won’t be able to get the nursing care we require before I go back to work. The nursing company has assured me that we will be fully staffed soon but until they train more nurses on how to take care of a kid with Liam’s issues we are stuck doing it ourselves. We went 6 days with only two 8 hour shifts of help last week. Good thing we paid attention during our own training. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking care of Liam. We spent the first 9 months of his life letting doctors and nurses do most of the care so I want nothing more than to be the caregiver for my boy but it is no easy task when even lifting him out of bed and sitting with him on your lap is a two person job. While I am back to work Karin is definitely going to need a well trained second pair of hands.

The library called and my books are in and so tomorrow I will finally start the Sandman series of comics that I have been wanting to read for a loong time.

This video has a ton of hits and you have all probably seen it before but this is a very, very cool cover of an enormously catchy tune. Beyonce’s Single Ladies performed by Pomplamoose

The LA Times has printed a new Vonnegut story “Look at the Birdie” (from Maude Newton)

Karin got into facebook two weeks ago when prompted by our nurses in the hospital. They all wanted a way to keep in touch and know how Liam was doing. I have always said that I would never get a facebook page. I just never thought it was something I wanted to do. I find myself conflicted now. I am watching my wife reconnect with friends that she hasn’t seen in almost ten years and I wonder who I could find out there. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but I think I just may go back on my word regarding facebook. ugh.

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