Liam has decided that our sleep schedule just doesn’t work for him. he would rather sleep all morning and nap for a while during prime time but from about 11:00pm to 4am is playtime. Boy is he excited to stay up all night long.

The In-Laws made it up for a visit today and will be staying for the Clam Alley Pots’ (my father’s pottery company) open house tomorrow. They had fun with Liam and overall we had a great day. The plan for the day included a walk to my Nan’s house but after getting about 50 yards from the house Liam started showing some bad numbers on his oxymeter and his ventilator so we ran back to the house and did a quick trach change. We new it would happen sometime so karin and I were happy to get our first emergency trach change at home out of the way. It went very well and he has been much more comfortable and breathing much better since we finished it. Of course it freaked out my Mother-In-Law and Sister who were with us at the time. Its not a very pleasant procedure to watch.

My Mother-In-Law then cooked us all (Karin & I, my In-Laws, my Parents, and my Sister) a fantastic dinner of steak, potatoes, green beans, and summer squash. Delicious. It was meant to be my birthday dinner as I will be turning 32 this week. Liam finally settled down for a nap at about 6:30 after staying active all day long and I knew then that he would be up all night. None of us could bring ourselves to wake him up since he had had such a bad nights sleep last night.

* * *

Check out this youtube video of the second largest aquarium tank in the world. Expand the view to full screen, let the whole video buffer so that it doesn’t stall in the middle and enjoy. Watching this must be able to reduce your blood pressure by at least 10 points. (pretty sure I found this at a while ago but I can’t remember.)

I really don’t remember where I found this but it is very true. This absolutely is why you’re fat.

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